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Graduation Day - Baldersby Park Montessori Nursery School
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Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Graduation Day

The weather stayed dry for Graduation Day at Baldersby Park Nursery – though the same can’t be said for the eyes of staff and parents.

Amidst the usual emotions of seeing excited children preparing to embark on the next step in their lives was the added recognition that this was a generation whose early formative years were disrupted by Covid – and Baldersby Park was for many months their only experience of the world outside their homes.

“Many of these children were with us throughout the pandemic and I do think that makes the bond even closer,” said nursery owner Victoria Jackson. “We did reflect that within our planning, focussing on getting back to normal life with a lot of emphasis on building confidence and independence.”

The nursery follows the Montessori method of teaching which encourages happy, self-motivated learning in which all children have a positive image of themselves.

Youngsters who join at nine months progress from the “caterpillars” room for babies, to the “ladybirds” toddler room and then finally the “butterfly” room, preparing children to join primary school.  That includes “show and tell” where children bring in an item from home and talk about it in front of the class. As well as helping to develop speech and vocabulary this also gives children the confidence to speak to a room.

Mrs Jackson said this was just one of a number of methods used to prepare the butterflies for school.

She added: “I’m always very pleased in mid-September when we get calls from head teachers to say how well the children have settled, how confident they are and able to concentrate and enjoy learning.”

Graduation Day at Baldersby includes sports day in the extensive grounds and a final photo of the leavers in graduation gowns. For younger children it’s a chance to enjoy the visit from the ice cream van whilst watching the older ones compete, including parents in the mums and dads race.

Based in the grounds of Queen Mary’s School at Topcliffe, North Yorkshire, the nursery attracts families from an increasingly wider radius of villages and towns.

For some parents with older children who also went to the nursery, Graduation Day marked the final day of over eight years of near daily visits to Baldersby Park.

Mrs Jackson added: “To see how the children are now ready to move on gives a great sense of pride. There were a lot of tears from parents and staff but not from the children – they all just really enjoyed their day and are excited to be going to school in September.”

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