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Realise her dream - Baldersby Park Montessori Nursery School
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Realise her dream

Realise her dream

Realise her dream

Victoria Scrope has taken a complete career U-turn to realise her dream of working with children professionally.

Having worked for the Civil Service for ten years, a stint within the youth justice service, convinced Victoria that this is where her real passion lies.

So, having moved from London back to her native Yorkshire, she is undertaking a Masters’ degree in child psychotherapy and as part of this she needs to get hands-on experience working with children.

We were therefore delighted to welcome her to Baldersby Park where she is working in our Caterpillars room for children aged 0-2.

And she is not the only new starter in her family to join the nursery!

That’s because she joined the nursery the same day as her little nephew.

Victoria, 37, says: “I live next door to my sister, so it is a coincidence that we have both ended up here.

“It’s a really lovely, friendly, warm place where everyone is supportive of each other, and you couldn’t ask for a more incredible setting.”

Having relocated from London, Victoria says she is particularly enjoying having lots of open space again and making the most of the Yorkshire countryside in her spare time.

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