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Baldersby Montessori Nursery School - Language | Montessori Teaching
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In a Montessori classroom, writing often comes before reading.

The Montessori approach looks at literacy in a fun and relaxing way highlighting the importance of the readiness of the child indirect through other areas of learning.

As with other areas of the Montessori curriculum, the approach to literacy is one which has specific associated activities, but also has a wider integrated approach. In terms of preparation for literacy, books, games and listening activities play a vital role as well as preparation through other curriculum areas such as Sensorial education.

Children learn to build up letters into words by using the Jolly Phonics system that is now used in primary schools.

Written letters are introduced to a child using the Sandpaper Letters, this  gives the child a visual impression of a letter and then by feeling around the shape of the letter with their finger they also gain a muscular impression.

When they have sufficient letter recognition they can move onto the Montessori language materials which are on three levels, Pink, Blue and Green.

Baldersby Park Montessori Nursery School
Baldersby Park Montessori Nursery School

When a child starts to work with the pink level language materials they are introduced to a pink box containing objects such as a cat, a dog, a hat and a pot, they look at the object and begin to sound out the word. From there they are able to work with the large Moveable Alphabet, the child then sounds out the object name and matches the correct letters to form the word.

Writing skills are learned by colouring intricate shapes drawn with insets, and sandpaper letters are experienced by touch as well as sight and sound. You will always find a wide range of story and picture books which are freely accessible within the Montessori class room.

We offer a Library system so the children can borrow books each day to take home and share with their families.

Each Monday we have a wonderful French teacher, Madame Pattison who works closely with the children. This is a super experience for the children and they will surprise you with how quickly they learn! The children can show off their French knowledge in the annual Nativity!

Learning through the senses with Montessori